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Sofos papers and games at ISAGA 2012 conference in Romania

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Sofos papers and games at ISAGA 2012 conference in Romania
by Sofos Consultancy - Wednesday, 5 September 2012, 7:28 AM

At the 43rd Annual Conference of ISAGA, the International Simulation and Gaming Association (Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2-6 July 2012), Pieter van der Hijden (, Sofos Consultancy ( presented three papers and demonstrated three games.

Paper presentations

  • Gaming for development: introduction to localization and internationalization of educational games; for the slides, see
  • The Tactec trilogy - building a new and powerful workshop by concatenating three existing games / exercises; for the slides, see
  • How to develop an online role-playing game in five days; for the slides, see

Game demonstrations

  • Gamemaker 8.1 Lite by; demonstration of the free computer program (pc version, 30 minutes or more); for the free gamemaker 8.1 lite software, see; for the sample files used in the paper presentation, download files isaga00.gmk81 - isaga04.gmk81 from
  • Tactec, a frame game to develop a global implementation plan (vertical board game, at least 7 participants, one hour); for the case description, full instructions, and the outcome of the one hour game run during ISAGA 2012, see; for the original Tactec publication, see
  • The Storyboard Exercise or how to design a Moodle course (individual exercise, at least 4 participants, 30 minutes or more); for instruction and story board form, see pages 14-17 of "Moodle Introduction - develop today your online course":

For the abstracts of the papers and introductions to the games, see the document attached.

(Edited by Pieter van der Hijden - original submission Monday, 9 July 2012, 10:12 AM)